How we work

Real World Fundraising treats all clients as individuals. We tailor our services to provide a solution for a specific charity, rather than offer a "one size fits all" approach.  

Charities can use any combination of our services to obtain the mix that suits their specific needs. We can provide you with data or research reports to enhance your charity's existing fundraising, advise you on types of fundraising most appropriate to your charity or carry out a complete appeal, depending on what you need.  

To keep costs down and within the reach of as many charities as possible, our fundraising packages avoid unnecessary meetings and wherever possible we will obtain information from you using questionnaires specifically designed for the purpose.   You can of course request additional meetings at an hourly rate.    Initial exploratory meetings are offered at no cost.

We work with charities of all sizes, from those with a single member of staff responsible for all functions to the largest organisations employing a large team of fundraisers. We also help newly formed charities who may be fundraising for the first time and are run by unpaid staff.

Clients have access to our email-based helpdesk free of charge for up to a year after using our services.   The helpdesk deals with straightforward fundraising enquiries; your query does not have to be related to the fundraising package you originally bought. The helpdesk will be of particular value to charities who do not employ dedicated fundraising staff and gives you the re-assurance of having expert fundraising advice available on call.

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